Places in Washington That are Ideal for Fishing

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Whether you’re a lone angler or enjoying a fishing trip with your family, Washington never disappoints. This American state is full of exciting opportunities for angling. However, there are certain things that you’ll need to consider before indulging in Washington fishing. For everyone aged 15 and older, a license is required. You’ll need to maintain a catch record card if you’re fishing for steelhead, salmon, halibut, or sturgeon.

This card must be returned to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife when you’re done with the fishing activity. The waterways in the state have specific season dates, rules for catching and releasing fish, and catch limits. You must, therefore, check the rules and regulations before embarking on your fishing trip. Now, let’s take a look at some of the places in the state that are ideal for fishing:

1. Fish Lake

This is one of the family-friendly and peaceful spots for fishing in Washington. It is located at a distance of about 20 miles north of Leavenworth. Abundant in brook trout and rainbow trout, this beautiful lake has a long shoreline. It also has two docks. This would make it easy for you to find a quiet fishing spot.

You can also bring a boat without internal combustion motors. A canoe or a kayak would be perfect for the trip. Waterfront RV camping is available at the nearby Lake Wenatchee State Park.

2. Green Lake

It would be quite convenient for you to reach Green Lake. This is an excellent location for those who are seeking a decent family-friendly spot for fishing. It offers multiple boat launches, two fantastic spots for swimming, and three fishing piers. You can find plenty of brown trout and rainbow trout in this lake. On some occasions, you can get a good catch of channel catfish.

3. Yakima River

Yakima River is one of the popular places for fly fishing. It stretches for over 200 miles throughout Central Washington. During your trip you can camp at the Palouse to Cascades State Park located near Easton. Upon heading south, you can find over 60 miles of fishing spots.

They’re located between the Palouse to Cascades State Park and Roza Dam. The most common species of fish you’ll find here are cutthroat trout and rainbow trout.

4. Snoqualmie River

For those who are from Seattle, one of the most convenient places for fishing would be Snoqualmine River. You can fish for trout above the Snoqualmie Falls, which is situated near the Snoqualmie town. Another great option would be to head to Middle Fork, which is located below the falls.

It’s the best place for fly fishing. Steelhead, salmon, and cutthroat trout are the species of fish available here. Make sure you check the rules and regulations before heading to this spot. The rules and regulations for fishing vary according to the seasons of the year.

5. Columbia River

Columbia River is an ideal spot in Washington for those who want to go fishing for the salmon. If you’re traveling in an RV, you can park it in Maryhill State Park. You can then spend a few days fishing in Lake Umatilla. This lake is located in Goldendale above the John Day Dam. This would be a perfect spot for walleye fishing. If you want to fish for smallmouth bass, the best place would be the shore at Umatilla Park.

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